Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm back,

I know it's been another long time, but obviously Fantasy has been nibbling at the story I gave her.  She has grown about a half an inch, and I am thankful for that.  Her colors are still pale, but I think I can revive her with my visits, and with some short stories.  This is going to be a blog for some of the short stories which will end up as chapters (or just background) for my novels. 

Fantasy zooms to my palm, and signs to me, "You're back!  I thought you were going to leave me forever this time!"

I sigh in response, "No Fantasy.  You're a part of me, just as I am a part of you; I couldn't leave you even if I tried.  You have brought a deeper understanding of the five girls in the Elementals series, and eventually I'll be sharing their backgrounds with you."

"I can hardly wait!" I am amazed at how I can understand her signing.  My knowledge is so rudimentary, that I would think that I would have trouble, but not so.  Second, she is only an inch tall.  I am legally blind.  How was I able to understand?  Maybe it's because she is a part of me.

"Hopefully it will be soon Fantasy.  I will at least try to come talk with you this week." I look around me.  Green is starting to come to the forest, the same as in Edmonton.  "I WILL nurse you back to health!"

She smiles.

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