Friday, June 14, 2013

The Egg

Fantasy got sick during the past few months, but she left me with an egg.  I am walking into the forest which has wintered over.  It only began to warm, when my imagination started coming to life again.  I have enough going on that I should be able to nourish this new life with my art, articles and stories.  I think posting my art and my stories should be enough to help her / him grow.  I have decided that if this life form dies, I will close down this blog.  I rest the little egg with blue, green and gold coloring in Fantasy's old home.  I know that the tree will keep it warm through its magic and that Fantasy had put all of the magic she could into it.  I must figure out a name.  He / she will have Fantasy's name as their last name, but what to give as the first?

I am looking around, and the ground everywhere is still white; the tree has now begun to bloom.