Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Hide-and-Seek

Michelle?  Michelle?

I arrive on the scene to find Fantasy in the state of distress.  She is dirty, her hair is a mess, and clearly, she has gone without food.

Fantasy!  Are you all right?

Michelle!  She's immediately in front of me as she usually is.  You're all right?  I thought you had given up on me and writing!

Oh no Fantasy.  I could never do that.  I know that I didn't do as I said, but that doesn't mean I have given up.

She sighs, I'm so glad.

But you're ok?  You don't look very well.

I know.  I've been so distressed.

Well, I'll show you something - watch as I make the next few marks on your picture.  I was only going to make four, but since you got so worried, I will make six.


I nod, and she's immediately looking over my shoulder.

It's not much.

Well, the first is your hair line, the second is the guide for your eyebrows, the third for your eyes, and the fourth for your nose.

Ok, and these two?  She points to her left cheek and the one dividing her in half.

Well, the first is your cheek, and the second is a guide which will help with symmetry and other items.

Ok.  That means something will be drawn soon?  

Yes.  It will be a good start to a new year.  Happy new year to you Fantasy.  Get some rest.  You have a week to get better.

I will Michelle.  And Happy New Year to you and all the readers of Fantasy's Fancy.

I echo what Fantasy said.  Blessings to everyone in the new year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost Christmas

Hi Fantasy, how are you today?

Not too bad, and you?

Same here.  What do you think people want to think about today?

I don't know.  Maybe a site?  A blog?

Hmm, maybe.  It's almost Christmas.  What are your ideas about that holiday?

I'm not sure.  I just don't feel that Christmasy today.

Yeah, me too.  Don't know why, but maybe if we think about how other people might celebrate the season, we might feel better.

Maybe, but I think we should create something.  What if we combined some customs to create a custom of our own?  I think it would be fun.

Not a bad idea!  Well, let's see what resources we can come up with, and maybe next week, we can come up with a story that is unique.  Can you do that for me?  It doesn't need to be a lot of sites, just one or two.

Ok!  :)  I'll be right back!

Ok, while Fantasy is gone, I'll have to think of different countries that I want.  Let's see...of course Canada & the United States...

I'm back!  =)

That was quick Fantasy.  You must have hit a gold mine.

I found a wonderful place called Santa's Net and it has a LOT of research from around the world and some of them very old.  I think that's so cool!  I'll get one more for you.

She zooms away before I can stop her.

She doesn't have to do that, but oh well.  She wants to.  I'll work on the drawing.  It won't be much, but she'll be delighted with what I give her for Christmas next week.

I'm back.  Whew, this one took a little longer, but I think it'll do.  It's just from wikipedia.  Say, you worked on the drawing, eh?

Yes I did.  What do you think?

Well, it's going too slow.  I think people might want to know who's talking to them.  Can we make it go faster?  

Maybe.  You'll like your Christmas present - just like this week, you'll have to work early, but I think you'll like what you get.  

Really?  Cool!

Thanks for your help Fantasy, and as for all you blog readers out there, if you decide that this isn't for you, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Me too! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hmmm, you know Fantasy, I've been on some other blogs now, and I've been hoping some people would join us.  It's Christmas time, yet I feel lonesome here.

I know.  Kinda dull, isn't it?

Yeah.  I was hoping we'd get more people.  Well, I guess I had better get searching.  Any ideas about what to write about?

Well, since we are lonely, and it's Christmas time, how about a piece about someone who's lonely at Christmas time?

Ok.  I'll give it a try, but I'll give it a positive twist.

Sounds good.

She stands there on the corner whitened
She shivers while she stands there
Hoping to meet a friend
On which she can spend

"Send an hour with me"
She asked her friend on the phone
"Sure I'll come." Her promise was empty
 So she stands with her gift in hand

Hands weren't there for her that Christmas
Nor the one after that
So people called her the Lonesome Lass
When she came around

Around the neighborhood she walked
Trying to make a friend
At first with everyone she talked
Until she didn't have any more words

Words weren't what she needed, but they came
Came with some actions
Some people took her in that Christmas
And she wasn't the same

Same lass, oh no
She lit up like a Christmas tree
She finally had a true friend
People thought it was a mystery

Mystery of how the lonesome lass became joyful
All the year long
Those who saw her found His pull
And called her Joy

Oh, that's nice.  What are you going to call it?

Lonesome Lass - then they can figure out the mystery too.

Oh, that's too cool!  :)

Thanks Fantasy, and thanks for your ideas.

You're welcome.  Oh, and by the way, why the extra circle?  I don't have that.

Don't worry Fantasy.  You'll have lots of lines for now, but it'll all work out in the end.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I am at the Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse, a volunteer run coffeehouse here in Edmonton enjoying a mocha and listening to some music at open mic.  I'm enjoying one of the regulars here; he is a good musician.  I have given Fantasy the night off, yet she is dancing around me, reminding me of Aylanna, the main character of Sword of Earth.  I start thinking of what kind of music she would play.  I know she plays drums and other wooden instruments, but which ones?  Would string instruments fall into that? 

So, I am going to have to go into my media library, not to mention to research groups like stomp! to see if they have released a cd. 

What do you think?  What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are writing your short story poem, or book?  Feel free to join in the discussion.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking for Fantasy


No Answer.


No answer.
Hmmm, she's not  here.  She must still be out looking for a good website for me.  Meanwhile, I can tell you of a good way to keep your muse going.  I invite you to join me in an exercise I call Word on Word.  I'll start the exercise when Fantasy gets back.

What is Word on Word?  Well, it's a collective story.  Someone starts with a word and then someone else continues with another.  We go one word at a time, not changing what the other has done.  The only changes may be in the final editing.  Are you game?  I sure am.  Make sure what has been posted before is in your post and then you put in your word after.  It's a snap!  I've created many of my poems that way.

I'm back! 

<sigh of relief.>  Fantasy!  I'm so glad you're ok.  Where have you been?

<giggles> You were really worried?

 Of course Fantasy.  You're a part of me.  Where did you go?

Well, I went to  It's a place where writers of all types can get together and have fun writing.  There are contests, games, email newsletters, and of course, you can have your own profile.  You can have a free account, or there are paid accounts as well.  You can have blogs, books, and more on your profile and organize it accordingly.  I would recommend this site. 

Thank you Fantasy.  Are you game for a bit of Word on Word?

<Jumps up and down>  You bet I am!

Well then...Let's get to it.  Please join in everybody!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi.  I'm Fantasy.  Michelle and I want to welcome to to our Blog, Fantasy's Fancy. 

Hey Fantasy, wait a minute.  When I said you and I would have a blog, I didn't mean you could take over.

Aw, Michelle....

No Fantasy.  Hold on a minute.  You'll get your turn.  Trust me, ok?

Oh, ok.

Welcome to Fantasy's Fancy.  I am Michelle, and this is my muse, Fantasy.  Fantasy is a brown haired Earth pixie with shimmery blue wings and a green body.  Her dress and shoes are made of leaves and flowers.

Aw, are you going to tell them everything?

<sigh> Fantasy.....

Oh, ok.  I'll be quiet.

Thanks Fantasy.  Anyway, Fantasy and I will be blogging about art and writing ideas in the fantasy realm.  I paint and write.  Jesus and Fantasy are my guides.  I hope you will enjoy the posts ahead.  Do you want to say anything Fantasy?





Oh, all right!  Contrary to how I talk, I am a shy pixie.  In the future, if I talk, I'll show a little of myself.  After all, we are friends, aren't we?

We sure are Fantasy, and I hope many people follow our blog and post some ideas.  Hopefully someday, we will make a book of all this, and all the comments will go into it.

Wow, I'll be in a book?

Yes Fantasy.  You'll be in a book.

Cool, and so will you if you want to follow us.  Come and write!