Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi.  I'm Fantasy.  Michelle and I want to welcome to to our Blog, Fantasy's Fancy. 

Hey Fantasy, wait a minute.  When I said you and I would have a blog, I didn't mean you could take over.

Aw, Michelle....

No Fantasy.  Hold on a minute.  You'll get your turn.  Trust me, ok?

Oh, ok.

Welcome to Fantasy's Fancy.  I am Michelle, and this is my muse, Fantasy.  Fantasy is a brown haired Earth pixie with shimmery blue wings and a green body.  Her dress and shoes are made of leaves and flowers.

Aw, are you going to tell them everything?

<sigh> Fantasy.....

Oh, ok.  I'll be quiet.

Thanks Fantasy.  Anyway, Fantasy and I will be blogging about art and writing ideas in the fantasy realm.  I paint and write.  Jesus and Fantasy are my guides.  I hope you will enjoy the posts ahead.  Do you want to say anything Fantasy?





Oh, all right!  Contrary to how I talk, I am a shy pixie.  In the future, if I talk, I'll show a little of myself.  After all, we are friends, aren't we?

We sure are Fantasy, and I hope many people follow our blog and post some ideas.  Hopefully someday, we will make a book of all this, and all the comments will go into it.

Wow, I'll be in a book?

Yes Fantasy.  You'll be in a book.

Cool, and so will you if you want to follow us.  Come and write!

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  1. Michelle (and Fantasy).... Congrats on getting your blog up! You've set the stage. Here's wishing you all the best in your new ventures.


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