Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking for Fantasy


No Answer.


No answer.
Hmmm, she's not  here.  She must still be out looking for a good website for me.  Meanwhile, I can tell you of a good way to keep your muse going.  I invite you to join me in an exercise I call Word on Word.  I'll start the exercise when Fantasy gets back.

What is Word on Word?  Well, it's a collective story.  Someone starts with a word and then someone else continues with another.  We go one word at a time, not changing what the other has done.  The only changes may be in the final editing.  Are you game?  I sure am.  Make sure what has been posted before is in your post and then you put in your word after.  It's a snap!  I've created many of my poems that way.

I'm back! 

<sigh of relief.>  Fantasy!  I'm so glad you're ok.  Where have you been?

<giggles> You were really worried?

 Of course Fantasy.  You're a part of me.  Where did you go?

Well, I went to  It's a place where writers of all types can get together and have fun writing.  There are contests, games, email newsletters, and of course, you can have your own profile.  You can have a free account, or there are paid accounts as well.  You can have blogs, books, and more on your profile and organize it accordingly.  I would recommend this site. 

Thank you Fantasy.  Are you game for a bit of Word on Word?

<Jumps up and down>  You bet I am!

Well then...Let's get to it.  Please join in everybody!


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Hi Everyone,

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Would love to hear from you!