Monday, January 10, 2011

First Post of 2011 & Time Square Magic

Hi Fantasy.

Hi Michelle.  Partying it up a bit weren't you.  ;)

No no, I...well, maybe.

Hey, just joking.  How was your new year?

It was fun.  My husband and I went to a new year's party at the place where he takes Ballroom Dancing.  It's called Dance With Me Studio here in Edmonton.  They had a New York Theme.  We danced until ten, had a wonderful lunch and danced some more.  I even learned a dance called the cupid shuffle.

Cupid has his own dance?  Lucky guy!

lol, Yeah, and it was fun.  It was a line dance.  Then we danced until midnight and brought in the new year.  They even had a ball that dropped just like they do at the real time square.

Wow, how did they do that?  They can't fit a real lit ball inside!

lol of course not Fantasy; they made it from paper and other materials.  How about a poem about magic, new york, and dancing?

Done.  She flings a little shimmer at me and is gone.

Time Square Magic

They sit at different tables
Tables decorated with different colors
Colors making the room look different from normal
Normal of day to day

Day or rather of New Year's
Year's end where most people have a partner
Partner sitting alone yet glancing
Glancing at each other, trying to hide their shyness

Shyness is keeping them apart
Apart from each other until...
 Until he makes a decision and stands erect
Erect and walks over to her.

Her blush is attractive to him as he asks her to dance
Cupid makes his mark as they dance in the middle with the others
Others who are feeling the magic
Magic of New York
New York beckons as they dance there

There they are now, no longer in that room
Room in a place so cold
Cold is replace by the warmth of a magic that took them away
Away to the real Time Square

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