Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art Therapy

Hi Fantasy.  How are you today.

Great Michelle.  It's good to see you.  She hugs me.  Her hugs are always like a warm fire enveloping me.  I love her for that.  And you?  You've been busy I see.

I have been, but I'm back with an article that I hope you and our followers will enjoy.  Want to see it?  It's about art therapy, and the color yellow.

Oooh, a change!  She claps her hands, usually it's about writing!  Sure, I'd like to see it.

Here you are.  I hand her the article.

Art Therapy and Yellow

In the next little while, I'm going to delve into art therapy. Although I'm not a qualified art therapist, I know that art can be used to heal. It has done so for me. So for the next few blog postings, I will be working on what colors mean as well as what they are in prayerful art, which is something I do on a regular basis.

We all respond to colors whether we realize it or not. They are a big part of our everyday life. For example, what do we wish for when it has been a long hard winter? We wish for green because we are tired of the browns, greys, and whites that we walk through every day.

For example, I found out today, that yellow stimulates your memory. How many times have we all forgotten things? Maybe that's why there are yellow pads of paper – to help secretaries remember what they're writing so as to make it easier to transfer to the printed medium. Yellow also stimulates the mental process, encourages communication, and stimulates the nervous system. Hmm, maybe we should all have lots of yellow on our computers? Just joking there. You have what you want on your computer. If it has a lot of yellow, that's your choice. Yellow also conveys optimism, being cheerful, and more.

I myself also use yellow in my worship and prayer art. For me, a bright yellow indicates God's glory. Gold indicates his majesty and presence. Interference gold, which is a very pale Gold I use for Jesus' majesty. I haven't figured out for me what pale yellow or yellow ocre is for me, but you can decide for yourself.

I'll be going through more colors and adding what they mean to me in subsequent postings. My prayer is that you'll find out what the color yellow means to you personally. That's what matters.

So, today, when you go to your paper, or whatever you use, what will you create with yellow?

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