Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's dark, and I'm cold, so cold that I think I'd die if I didn't see Fantasy hovering nearby.  I know that she is my protector in all ways out here.  I see stars and planets all around me, and a nearby one nearly blinds me.

"Where are we?" I ask.

We are in the void around the world in your newest story you call Seeker.  Setting is important, if you recall, and Space is important.  Next week, we'll be going into the cockpit and looking at the main character, but for now, we will explore the setting of Space.

"It's so cold." I shiver.  She touches my arm, and I warmed up.
Better?  I nod, as I do feel better.  I look at the nearby sun.

"Where is this place?"
You do not know?  This is the system where the two planets live in.  Over there is the planet where Ann comes from, and there is the one where Ann crash lands.

"Really?  The one where she comes from looks like a desert." I point to the brownish globe, "It has some green and blue patches though."
One word - terraform, or think of a different word for it.

"Hmm, good point." I look around me at the blobs of different colors not dulled by the atmosphere.  It's like a jeweled tapestry.  "Thanks Fantasy.  I hope this will help."

It will.  She takes me back to the glade.

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