Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm now in the position of Ann, the main character.  In front of her is a thirteen inch monitor with four buttons each side, each a yellowish white.  The screen is black.  There is a small red button above the buttons on the left side which say on/off.  I reach out and turn it on.  It turns blue.  Numbers and words appear in white with fluctuating graphs of different colors.  

"Wow Fantasy, this is amazing.  This is Ann's cockpit?"  I looked to my left, and spot her hovering in front of a door.  Upon doing so, I find out there is another bank of controls as well as small doors 

Yes Michelle.  This is the ship she crash lands in." Fantasy nods.

"Wow, there are a lot of buttons.  I don't know what a lot of them mean." I say.

"That's ok.  You'll learn."

"Learn?  You mean I'm going to fly this thing?"  My pulse begins to quicken.
Of course, how do you think you're going to learn how Ann feels when she does this?  You know that you're not going to hurt it.  

"I'm not sure of that Fantasy.  Remember, this is a different plane of existence.   It has a reality all its' own." I remark.

In a sense, yes, but this is in your head right now.  You can recreate it better if something happens.  

"Ok.  I'll give it a try." I look in front of me, below the screen.  There is a wheel that you can turn left or right or pull in or out as well as what looks like a throttle and a button.  To the right, are more buttons of different colors.  My seat is a leathery sort, it is smooth, and it is comfortable.
I turn around, discovering that the roof is low, and we have some cargo space behind me.  It is about four feet square.  It is dark there.

"I think that's enough for today." I turn back to the screen.  "We can learn about the workings of the craft next week."

Suit yourself.  We are immediately back at the glade.  I am sitting on a rock.

"Fantasy, I don't want to bore everyone.  I want this to be an exciting blog."

Whatever.  She's gone.  Her voice dripped disappointment.

What do you think?  Is this boring to you?  Please comment below.

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